SOLACE OF REQUIEM - 'Red Sea' Video Available For Download

January 16, 2007, 12 years ago

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Virginia Beach, Virginia-based metallers SOLACE OF REQUIEM have issued the following update:

"After what has felt like an eternity, Solace Of Requiem has finally released the new video for 'Red Sea'. You can download the 20 meg version of the new video for free here or you can visit the Free Video Downloads section of this website for a smaller version."

In regards to the video, the band continue, "The Video is Not Religious!! The first few people that saw the new video immediately assumed that SOR had taken a religious approach to its creation. That actually couldn't be farther from the truth. The band has a reputation for being more symbolic than most other artists in the genre and that is exactly the reason for creating the new video in this way. Without giving away too many secrets, I'll try to explain...

The preacher in the video is meant to represent an authority figure that resides in power over his people, only to corrupt them with false ideals and irrelevant teachings. Much like the preachers of today who are stuck on 2000 year old text that there is no true translation for. The pregnant girl represents the fragile minds that are betrayed and lied to daily by the people who are entrusted to protect them. The reason she is pregnant is to symbolize the ongoing cycle that continues to feed itself with every new generation, thriving on human ignorance and the fear of death. The burning cross is meant to represent the destruction of the false seers and the tainted views they teach. I can't tell you too much more or I'll give away all the good stuff, but I can tell you why the abortion occurs. Honestly, there are a few different reasons why it happens. The first and most important reason is that the abortion represents the slaughter of innocence and our enemy's relentless will to see their cause through. It is also representative of how far the so called "leaders" are willing to go in the name of what they believe is righteous. Although, I think the last reason might be the coolest reason of all! There had to be blood and a woman had to die in the video..."

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