SYMPHONY X - Bonus DVD Issued With New Album "Was Never Meant To Be Any Big Professionally Done Thing"

July 1, 2007, 11 years ago

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As previously reported, FYE stores in the U.S. are selling a special edition of SYMPHONY X's new album, Paradise Lost, which features a bonus DVD. The band's management has issued the following statement regarding the DVD in the wake of several fan complaints:

"World Management would like to clear up any misinformation about the attached 'free bonus DVD' that is shrink wrapped to the new Symphony X CD Paradise Lost. The free fan bonus DVD attached is and was always intended to be an extra fan bonus for a small limited run of digis. It was shrink-wrapped onto the actual disc and is a bonus home-video-style collection of a few shows from the band's archives. Please enjoy these clips for their intent.

A lot of intense effort has gone into the writing, recording and packaging of this new CD and we are all very happy with the result. It is, after all, about the new music. For all the DVD fans, the band will make a professional DVD sometime in the future and rest assured we will spend lots of creative energy when the time comes for that. In the meantime enjoy Paradise Lost and we shall see you all hopefully out on tour in 2007/2008. Thanks for your support.

Basically, this DVD was never meant to be any big professionally done thing; it was intended to be a free extra goodie comprised of home-video-type material meant for a limited run through a small number of vendors (if it WERE meant to be something big, they'd have done far more than just stuff it in with the CD). The band is not pleased that it appeared to be portrayed as more than it really was, and that they have fans who feel that they were ripped off as a result; they sincerely hope that you all know that that was never their intent."

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