THE BONES Sign To Century Media

August 21, 2007, 11 years ago

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Century Media Records has announced the worldwide signing of THE BONES.

After three long years, Europe's most acclaimed "punk n' rollers" prove yet again their right for the rock n' roll throne by giving birth to their fourth long player, Burnout Boulevard, on October 22nd all over Europe.

Burnout Boulevard was produced by lead guitarist Marcus “Boner” Petersson and recorded at the renowned MWC Studio in the band's home town of Karlskrona, Sweden while the pre-production was done at Music-A-Matic Studios in Gothenburg (MILLENCOLLIN, THE HELLACOPTERS, THE NOMADS, D.A.D.).

Singer Beef Bonanza on the new material: " and downs, the rights and wrongs... the life in general has always been a good motivator for us to write new songs. Good times and bad times, some dents and scratches along the way. We've been through a lot over the years and this is the world how we kinda see it. We're not here to tell anyone how to act or what to think, life is like an action filled triple lane and Burnout Boulevard is our report from the middle of that street!"

Burnout Boulevard tracklisting: 'Mighty Touchdown', 'Flatline Fever', 'She Hates Me (Yeah Yeah Yeah)', 'Stuck In The Mud', 'Not My Kind', 'Straight Flush Ghetto', 'Sealed With A Fist', 'Dead Weight', 'Ain`t Life A Mother Fucker', 'Not Predictable', 'Destination X', 'Black Day Boogie', 'Too Many Miles', 'Fools Vacation', 'Fit In My Skin'.

Band lineup: Boner - lead-guitar and backup/lead-vocals, Spooky Fred - drums and backup-vocals, Andi Nero - bass and backup-vocals, Beef Bonanza - guitar and lead-vocals.

More on the band at:, .

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