THE HAUNTED Guitarist OLA ENGLUND's Solar Guitars Introduces Two New Extended Range Models

June 4, 2019, 5 months ago

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THE HAUNTED Guitarist OLA ENGLUND's Solar Guitars Introduces Two New Extended Range Models

Guitarist Ola Englund, recognized as a member of notable Swedish metal groups The Haunted and Feared, is also the founder of Solar Guitars. The company has announced two new extended-range electric guitars for metal, the A2.8BOP eight-string and 27” scale baritone S1.6PB-27. Check out the clips below.

Englund announced the launch of Solar Guitars in early 2017. Utilizing Ola's extensive knowledge and experience, Solar Guitars is focusing on the needs of the rock/metal touring and home recording guitar player as well as beginner and guitar enthusiasts in general.

"It has always been all about designing a modern, sleek and simply elegant guitar that is easy to play and sounding absolutely awesome with any gear or studio recording being thrown at me. I finally created what, for me, has become the ultimate songwriting and touring companion," says Ola Englund.

Solar Guitars unveiled the E1.6 Jensen, a signature model crafted for Patrik Jensen of The Haunted and Witchery. He has issued the following statement:

"With my new Solar E1.6 Jensen guitar, I finally have an instrument that combines all the hardware features I expect from an exceptional guitar. Not only does the guitar look amazing, but it also plays with such ease that I can fully focus on getting the most out of the songs I play, rather than having to focus on getting the guitar to do what I want..."

Watch an official video about the Solar Guitars launch below.

The Solar Guitars line consists of four different Types currently totalling 15 different models. Type A and S are both double cutaway guitars, Type V and E are aggressive shaped metal guitars.

Solar Type A

Solar Type S

Solar Type V

Solar Type E

Every Solar guitar is loaded with an arsenal of unique features depending on type and model. Features include full access set neck joint, Evertune bridge, Floyd Rose bridge, tremolo spring silencers, 34 mm brass block tremolo, Grover 18:1 tuners, Duncan Solar pickups, super jumbo frets, D'Addario NYXL strings etc.

Artists like At The Gates, Necrophobic, The Haunted, Daniel Bergstrand and The New Black among others are on the growing Solar Guitars artist roster.

Solar Guitars' street prices range from USD/EURO 599.00 - 1,299.00 and are immediately available from the Solar Guitars webstore, and selected dealers.

Solar Guitars is located in Sant Gregori, Spain. Solar Guitars, S.L. is an international guitar company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide.

For more information on Solar Guitars, visit

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