THE NEW ROSES Release Nothing But Wild Track-By-Track, Pt. 3; Video

August 7, 2019, a month ago

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THE NEW ROSES Release Nothing But Wild Track-By-Track, Pt. 3; Video

German hard rockers, The New Roses, recently released their fourth studio album, Nothing But Wild, via Napalm Records. Order the album here, and watch a third track-by-track video below.

After successful live appearances all over the world, lately opening for KISS, and the invitation to tour with the legendary Scorpions in summer, the four-piece, centered around vocalist/guitarist Timmy Rough is ready to deliver the long awaited follow up for One For The Road (2017), which hit the top 20 in Germany.

Says the band: “On Nothing But Wild, we fully concentrated on catchy songs with big melodies. Our goal was to record a strong and energetic rock n' roll album without any frills and fillers. Simply true, simply loud, simply wild!”


"Soundtrack Of My Life"
"Can‘t Stop Rock & Roll"
"Down By The River"
"Nothing But Wild"
"The Bullet"
"Runnin' Out Of Hearts"
"Unknown Territory"
"As The Crow Flies"
"Give & Take"
"The Only Thing"
"Meet Me Half Way"
"Glory Road"

"Glory Road" video:

"Can‘t Stop Rock & Roll":

"Down By The River" video:

Track-by-track, Pt. 1:

Track-by-track, Pt. 2:

Track-by-track, Pt. 3:

Find the band's current live itinerary here.


Timmy Rough - vocals, guitar
Norman Bites - guitar
Hardy -  bass
Urban Berz - drums

(Photo - Frank Dursthoff)

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