THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Featuring SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY Members Release Animated Music Video For “Gemini”

April 20, 2017, a year ago

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THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Featuring SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY Members Release Animated Music Video For “Gemini”

Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup, The Night Flight Orchestra, featuring members of metal frontrunners Soilwork and Arch Enemy, have released an animated music video for the band's brand new single, “Gemini”, featured on their forthcoming third studio album, Amber Galactic, which is scheduled to be released on May 19th via Nuclear Blast.

The video was created by Elia Cristofoli aka Solingo, who has worked for companies like Volvo, Subaru and Canon in the past, and the compositors Francesco Mazzola and Andrea Vozzo of Peach Studio.

Commented singer Björn Strid: "Elia has done a terrific job capturing the vibe of this song with his amazing animations. He had one month to complete it and worked day and night. This video showcases a relationship drama set in space, with an epic twist. The colors and the characters are amazing and also very mysterious. My personal perception of the animation is a slight He-Man-goes-to-Russia feel (or is it She-Ra??). Absolutely fantastic! Enjoy!"

Added Cristofoli: "When Björn asked me for a fully-cartoon music video in 80's style, with so many intergalactic babes destroying alien monsters, a joker grin drew on my face... I love 80's cartoons like He-Man, Ken Shiro, etc. Then David sent me the script with a storyboard. I read their story. These guys are out of control, I thought. Just as I like! I spent a few days studying the design of the characters and the spaceships, then I started drawing like a psychopath. I figure I was amused. I hope NFO fans like the video. Rock on!"

The standard cover for the new album can be seen below.

Singer Björn Strid states: "Amber Galactic is a relationship drama set in space, the first classic rock space opera on double vinyl. As seasoned musicians, we're taking this project seriously, although we might come across as slightly retrofuturistic at times, there's no irony involved. It's just us trying to shape our future into a place where our race is led by female space commanders with pearl necklaces and a quasar sense of gravity. Amber Galactic is about setting free from genre boundaries and expectations that are put on people like us. We just want to create music that we would like to hear ourselves, but that isn't only for us.

“The Night Flight Orchestra is here to set you free, to invite you to enjoy music in whatever form it is presented. For this particular journey, we'd like you to follow us into space, but who knows where we'll go next! After entering the NFO universe, you won't ever be the same!"

Amber Galactic will be available as a limited edition digipak CD featuring an alternate cover art (see below), 2LP vinyl (black and violet sparkle) and as digital download and stream via all known platforms. Pre-order the new album here.

Amber Galactic tracklisting:

“Midnight Flyer”
“Star Of Rio”
“Sad State Of Affairs”
“Space Whisperer”
“Something Mysterious”
“Saturn In Velvet”
“Just Another Night” (bonus track, limited edition digipak, vinyl)
“Fly Tonight (Never Rewind)” (bonus track, Japan only)

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

Trailer #3:

“Midnight Flyer” lyric video:

When asked about the direction of NFO within the realm of classic rock, Strid explains with a chuckle: "Most other classic rock bands sound like weed or LSD - we sound like cocaine."

Amber Galactic was recorded at Handsome Hard Studio in Lund, Sweden. The album follows The Night Flight Orchestra's two previous releases, 2012's Internal Affairsand 2015's Skyline Whispers. Stay tuned for more coming soon in the world of The Night Flight Orchestra.

The Night Flight Orchestra lineup:

Björn Strid - vocals
Sharlee D' Angelo - bass
David Andersson - guitars
Richard Larsson - keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck - drums
Sebastian Forslund - guitars, percussion

(Photos - Wayne Bregulla)

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