Tonight's PIST.ON Comeback Show Cancelled

March 8, 2018, 9 months ago

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Tonight's PIST.ON Comeback Show Cancelled

Gloomy melodic metallers Pist.On, who recently reunited after a lengthy hiatus, had been scheduled to launch their live comeback tonight (Thursday, March 8th) with a one-off show in their home city of New York. The band's first show in more than 15 years was supposed to take place at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY. However, Mother Nature interfered, causing the group to issue the following statement:

"Due to the snow storms in the New York area, it has made it impractical to go ahead with tonight’s show. Although the snow was scheduled to stop by 12AM EST, we know that most fans, and some of the band, will not be able to travel from outlying areas which are badly affected with more snow than NYC.

We have no other option but to reschedule the show from March 8th to a later date. We are currently discussing with the venue and we will announce the new date soon.

This was a very difficult decision for us to make and we are all more than gutted, we have been looking forward to this night for so long. However we need to make safety a priority and take into consideration what’s in the best interest of the fans and band members travelling to and from the show.

We hope you all understand the decision taken by the band."

The core of the Brooklyn based outfit remains with Henry Font (Vocals / Guitar), Burton Gans (Guitar) and Jeff McManus (Drums). Joining them is new bass guitarist Jack Hanley (ex-The Deadlyz).

Pist.On, who will be celebrating 25 years since first forming are looking forward to picking up where they left off, “annoying people and kicking ass on stage.” Having never officially split up, the band are set to emerge from their self imposed exile, a period which gave the band time to tackle numerous issues and retrieve a sense of sanity.

The band have commented: “It feels great being reunited after all this time. When we got together for our first rehearsal, it was as if we’d never been apart; the chemistry was still there. We kinda left everything hanging after our last tour but never split, just took a back seat and dealt with a lot of professional and personal issues that was thrown at us. We’ve all moved on but we kept in touch over the years. In our own minds we always had the desire to get back together, but it was never talked about until recently. We’re excited at having the chance to do this again. We’re jumping back in and gonna see how it goes.”

Pist.On released two albums - Number One through Mayhem / Atlantic Records in 1996 and $ell Out through Mayhem / Music For Nations in 1999.

Following the release of the Josh Silver produced debut Number One and the first single "Grey Flap" through Mayhem, Pist.On had an instant reaction with fans, leading to strong album sales. The attention the band was gaining sparked major label interest from Atlantic Records, who subsequently secured a deal for the world-wide release of Number One. However the relationship with Atlantic was short lived. With sales approaching gold status, Pist.On came under pressure from the label to make a number of changes which the band were unhappy with. As a result the band took the decision to leave Atlantic.

In an interview at the time Henry Font recalled, "Atlantic Records saw the chance to make a lot of money because we were an unknown band selling a lot of records with virtually no airplay. Problem was, they didn't know what to do with us."

They returned to Mayhem for the release of the follow up album, $ell Out, which was a reaction to the troubling experiences they had encountered under the rule of Atlantic Records. Their frustration was clearly visible on tracks such as "Suddenly Sober" and "Low".

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