Toronto's CHYLD To Release New Single / Video "Ride Out" This Thursday

July 13, 2020, a month ago

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Toronto's CHYLD To Release New Single / Video "Ride Out" This Thursday

After more than 30 years, Toronto-based Chyld - who were part of the scene that gave us Slik Toxik, Sven Gali, Winter Rose and Slash Puppet - made a comeback in 2019 with a new single, "Burning Alive". This Thursday, July 16th, the band will premiere the music video for new song "Ride Out" at 3:00pm EST. Follow the countdown below.

The song features Famous Underground / ex-Slik Toxik frontman Nick Walsh on vocals.


Nick Walsh - lead vocals
Pete Dove - bass 
Todd Lefever - guitars
Neal Busby - drums

Bassist Pete Dove adds: "In 1987, I secretly entered Chyld into the Q107 Homegrown Contest. I wasn't sure how well a metal band would fare in a contest such as this, but lo & behold, Chyld made it to the top 25 semi-finalists. We were over the moon to say the least."

"Lite The Nite" can be streamed here. Additionally, check out "Tell Me A Lie" and new single "Burning Alive" via Spotify here.

Drums, bass and vocals for "Burning Alive" were recorded in 2012. It features bassist Pete Dove, drummer Neal Busby and Rob Villemaire on vocals, who passed away in 2017. Original guitarist Glen Cunningham decided to opt out of the project, so Busby hired Todd Lefever to record the guitar parts. Audio and video were completed in September 2019.

Bassist Pete Dove checked in with the following update back in April:

"Some huge news to report for Chyld. We just found out that two of our songs have been placed in two American hit shows. The song 'Lite The Nite' was placed in the latest installment of the hit series The Walking Dead, entitled The Walking Dead World Beyond, to air in April 2020. The song 'Tell Me A Lie' was placed on CBS All Access network new show called Interrogation, which began airing last week. This is great news for Chyld, as we were just putting the finishing touches on our next single, 'Ride Out'. Once again this proves that true metal never dies!!!

Special thanks to Neal Busby for continuing to work diligently behind the scenes for Chyld. Perseverance pays off. Never give up!"

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