TRIBULATION To Release “Lady Death” 7” EP In December

November 7, 2017, a year ago

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TRIBULATION To Release “Lady Death” 7” EP In December

Down Below is the title of Tribulation’s upcoming studio album, which is set to be released via Century Media Records on January 26th. Preceding the album release, Tribulation are issuing a brand-new 7” EP on December 22nd, entitled “Lady Death”.

The EP will include the album track “Lady Death” as well as the B-side piece entitled “Skärselden”. This fine item comes adorned by beautiful artwork crafted by Tribulation guitarist Jonathan Hultén.

The EP is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide in the following versions, available for pre-order starting today:
Black vinyl: limited to 700 copies, available at various mailorder stores
Clear vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at Century Media’s mailorder
Transparent-red vinyl: limited to 200 copies, sold by Tribulation on their upcoming tours
Transparent-orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies, available at various mailorder stores
Dark-green vinyl: limited to 300 copies, available at Tribulation’s band store via King’s Road

Pre-order here., or via the band’s webshop here.

Tribulation checked in to comment about the completion of the album and the upcoming 7” EP:

"More than one year has passed since we did the last tour of The Children Of The Night. During this long period of silence an intense creative process has taken place, and today we are proud to announce that our new album, Down Below, is recorded and ready to be released. It contains some elements from all our previous releases but is also taking a step into uncharted waters.

“We would like to thank our producer and friend, Martin Ehrencrona, for the excellent time in Studio Cobra. We are very pleased with the results! Also, big thanks to the amazing Anna von Hausswolff who contributed with her beautiful and awe-inspiring vocal landscapes on one of the album songs as well as another piece that serves as B-side on the forthcoming ”Lady Death” EP. We salute you both!

“Now, we are eager to spread our wings again and embark on a new journey across the world. The starting point will be Europe and the 12th of January marks the first day of a tour together with Arch Enemy. Later in March we will travel further east and south of the continent together with Insomnium. We are all very much looking forward to what is to come!"

Find Tribulation’s live itinerary here.

Tribulation are currently busy finalizing work for a promotional video clip of the upcoming album’s opening track and first single, “The Lament”, which will be launched on November 17th. The pre-order for Down Below in its various different formats and versions will be starting on the same day. Look out for further details and links coming soon.

Tribulation lineup:

Johannes Andersson - vocals, bass
Adam Zaars - guitars
Jonathan Hultén - guitars
Oscar Leander - drums

(Top photo by: Ove Wiksten)

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