TRILLIUM Guitarist SANDER GOMMANS Talks Guitar Solos - "GARY MOORE Is Absolutely One Of My Main Influences; Another Inspiration Is JEFF WATERS From ANNIHILATOR"

August 6, 2017, a year ago

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TRILLIUM Guitarist SANDER GOMMANS Talks Guitar Solos - "GARY MOORE Is Absolutely One Of My Main Influences; Another Inspiration Is JEFF WATERS From ANNIHILATOR"

Former After Forever guitarist Sander Gommans, who is currently working on vocalist Amanda Somerville's new Trillium album, has checked in with a new update.

Gommans: "Finishing one of the new Amanda Somerville's Trillium guitar solos. Hope you like guitar solos, since there will be many on the album. This one is approved by Lana (daughter), since she uses her index finger instead of her middle finger ;)

Even though my music doesn't resemble Gary Moore's music, he's absolutely one of my main influences when it comes to solos. Another inspiration is Jeff Waters from Annihilator, was lucky enough to work with him on our last After Forever album."

Gommans' previous update is below:

"Proud to have Erik van Ittersum (Kingfisher Sky, Ayreon, Phantom Elite) be a part of the new Trillium album. His arrangements really kick some serious metal bottoms. Amanda Somerville's off to Wacken Open Air with Avantasia this weekend, let's see if I can surprise her with the first mixes of Trillium after the weekend.

André Borgman, thanks again for your incredible work on this album, great to be reunited with the tightest and grooviest metal drummer in the world!"

Amanda Somerville issued the following update on the Trillium album back in May while in the middle of working on her new project, Exit Eden:

"The last time I’d written to you, I had thought that the new project I’m involved in would be released around now and I could therefore tell you all about it. Ah, but the music industry is ever an elusive beast! Sooooo… the release has been pushed back to the first of August. Thus, it’ll be a while before I can go public with the news, but hopefully not too long! Next week, I have several video shootings, a photo shoot and all kinds of crazy stuff going on for said project. It’s exhilarating and a tiny bit overwhelming how things keep going with this. Like I said, though I’ve been in the biz for a long time, this is all pretty new to me, so it’s very exciting. Even if nothing really takes off, I’m absolutely grateful to be a part of something like this.

And in the meantime, I’ve been writing and recording up a storm for the new Trillium album! This one’s definitely got a life of its own; no Alloy knock-off in any way, which may intrigue some of you and may scare some – haha! But I am really happy with how things are going. We’ve got a very new lineup for this album than we had for Alloy, which helps contribute to that, but Sander (Gommans / HDK) and I are running the show :-) Yves Huts, formerly from Epica, is contributing a song co-write as is a good friend of mine from my hometown, the talented Ashley Peacock."

Somerville released the debut Trillium album, Alloy, in November 2011.

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