TRIPTYKON With METROPOLE ORKEST - Video Trailer Launched For Upcoming Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) Multi-Format Release

March 20, 2020, 14 days ago

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TRIPTYKON With METROPOLE ORKEST - Video Trailer Launched For Upcoming Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) Multi-Format Release

Swiss avant-garde extreme metal act, Triptykon, have announced the release of their Requiem opus, on May 15 via Prowling Death Records / Century Media Records worldwide.

Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) marks the exceptional conclusion of a project over 30 years in the making: The legendary Celtic Frost/Triptykon "Requiem" performed for the first time in its entirety and with full classical orchestration by the Dutch Metropole Orkest.

Requiem (46:00 min.) is composed of three chapters:

- “Rex Irae” (06:34 min.) (First appeared on 1987’s “nto The Pandemonium album by Celtic Frost)
- “Grave Eternal” (32:28 min.) (Newly written middle part)
- “Winter” (06:54 min.) (First appeared on 2006’s Monotheist album by Celtic Frost)

Watch a teaser clip below:

This unique and groundbreaking release is available in the following formats:

- Special Edition CD + DVD Mediabook
- Ltd. Gatefold LP + DVD (With LP-Booklet and 2x poster)
 - Unlimited black 180g. vinyl and selected ltd. coloured editions!
- Standard CD Jewelcase
- Ltd. Deluxe Artbook with coloured LP + CD + DVD + coloured 7Inch (With bonus track, score book of 60 pages, 3x poster, artprint and photocard)
- Digital album

The initial and limited Gatefold LP + DVD release will come in the following editions and limitations:

- Black vinyl
- White vinyl - 200x copies (CM Europe Onlineshop)
- Golden vinyl - 300x copies (CM Distro Europe)
- Transp. Magenta vinyl - 300x copies (CM USA Onlineshop)
- Silver vinyl - 200x copies (Nuclear Blast)
- Orange vinyl - 200x copies (EMP)
- Clear vinyl - 200x copies (Triptykon, band-exclusive)   

The 12”-sized Deluxe Artbook edition is limited to 2000 copies worldwide and includes the exclusive dark red vinyl edition of the album as well as an exclusive dark red 7” EP of the bonus track (“Winter - Concert Rehearsal Take April 11, 2019”), alongside with the CD (with the bonus track!), the DVD, a booklet of 24 pages, a score book of 60 pages, 3x poster, an artprint and a photocard.

A preview of the Artbook and its content can be seen below.

Triptykon with the Metropole Orkest - Requiem (Live at Roadburn 2019) is available for pre-order in its various formats here. Or order directly from CM Distro Europe here.

Triptykon - Requiem lineup:

Tom Gabriel Warrior - voice, guitar
Hannes Grossmann - drums, percussion
Vanja Slajh - bass, vocals
Santura - guitar, vocals

Special Guest:

Safa Heraghi - Requiem live co-lead vocalist

(Photo - Ester Segarra)

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