TWILIGHT FORCE - Dawn Of The Dragonstar Track-By-Track, Part 2; Video

August 13, 2019, 5 months ago

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TWILIGHT FORCE - Dawn Of The Dragonstar Track-By-Track, Part 2; Video

Nuclear Blast will release Dawn Of The Dragonstar, the new album from Swedish adventure metallers, Twilight Force, on August 16. You can pre-order the album here. Digital pre-orders get the track "Night Of Winterlight" instantly.

A second track-by-track video for the new album has been released. Watch two segments below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

After solving the mystical riddle leading us to its release date, a few days ago, the group has now unveiled the first musical glimpse of their third creation, "Night Of Winterlight". The glorious lyrical portrayal for the song can be witnessed below.

Keyboard summoner Blackwald states, "Mighty wizards and warriors of the human realms! We proudly present to you the first song from our third creation: 'Night Of Winterlight'. This is an ancient tale of a primordial and endlessly mighty mage with the power to control life and light itself. The unmaker of darkness and the healer of stars. He returns on the Night of Winterlight to bring order and a new dawn to the world of the living. The third album Dawn Of The Dragonstar, consists of 10 musical journeys throughout the Twilight Kingdoms, traversing both time and space, bringing you all closer to the stories, legends, and prophecies permeating the mythical world of the TTwilight Force. We tell tales of heroes, queens and kings, magical artifacts, legendary places, and ancient beasts; all engulfed by a fast paced and sparkling soundscape teeming with vivid content for the keen eared adventurer. So join us, partake in the adventure once again, and may the Power of the Dragon guide you!"

The record will be released as jewelcase CD, digibook, on vinyl and last but not least digitally. The vinyl as well as the limited digibook editions will include several bonus tracks. One is an exquisite cover version of the fellowship's 2014 song "The Power Of The Ancient Force", performed by skilled singer-songwriter Hanna Turi. Secondly, you'll be taken on an instrumental voyage through the western-most Kingdom Of Vhardas, with an orchestral version of "With The Light Of A Thousand Suns". Last but not least, the Knights Of Twilight's Might will for the first time be able to experience never before heard ancient rudimentary demo versions of two of the first ever recorded Twilight Force songs, namely "Forest Of Destiny" and "Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom". Both of these were conjured as early as 2007, Human Era, long before Twilight Force was even an official entity or ever mentioned in the Book of Time.


"Dawn Of The Dragonstar"
"Long Live The King"
"With The Light Of A Thousand Suns"
"Winds Of Wisdom"
"Queen Of Eternity"
"Valley Of The Vale"
"Night Of Winterlight"
"Blade Of Immortal Steel"

Bonus Tracks (Digibook & 2LP only):

"The Power Of The Ancient Force" (Hanna Turi Version)
"With The Light Of A Thousand Suns" (Orchestral Version)
"Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom" (2007 Demo Version)
"Forest of Destiny" (2007 Demo Version)

"Dawn Of The Dragonstar" video:

"Night Of Winterlight" lyric video:

Once again recorded in the group's own Twilight Forge, the album will not only present ten new stories to their loyal Knights Of Twilight's Might, but also introduce the companions' new minnesinger, Allyon, who was called upon by the prophecies to join the fellowship in 2018.

The band let be known about the new record, "Lo and behold! We are beyond elated to finally unveil the third opus of Twilight Force: Dawn Of The Dragonstar. The absolutely magnificent artwork by the mighty Kerem Beyit once again brilliantly captures the adventurous and magical world of the Twilight Kingdoms; and a sparkling adventure it shall be indeed. Dawn Of The Dragonstar will be unleashed upon the realm of the living on August 16th, so we humbly ask for your patience for just a little while longer. In the meantime, practice your battle cries, sharpen your swords, and dust off your spell tomes. Make sure you are prepared to join and experience our triptych adventure."

Twilight Force lineup:

Allyon - vocals
Lynd - electric & acoustic guitars, lute
Born - bass
Blackwald - keyboards, piano, violin, cembalo
De'Azsh - drums
Aerendir - guitars

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