VICIOUS RUMORS With Original Singer Gary St. Pierre Confirmed Headbangers Open Air Warm Up Show

December 8, 2008, 11 years ago

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US power legends VICIOUS RUMORS (with original singer Gary St. Pierre) and NOMAD SON will join BATTLE RAM at the official Headbangers Open Air Warm Up Show scheduled for July 22nd, 2009 at Planet Alsen in Itzehoe.

St. Pierre sung on Vicious Rumors' classic 1985 debut, Soldiers Of The Night.

The Headbangers Open Air 2009 will take place from July 23rd to July 25th in Brande, Germany (near Hamburg). The following bands are now confirmed for the event: ANGEL WITCH, BULLET, DEATHRIDERS, ENFORCER, JACOBS DREAM, KILLERS, LONEWOLF, MANILLA ROAD, MEMORY GARDEN, METAL INQUISITOR, NIGHTSHADE, PARADOX, PILEDRIVER, PORTRAIT, Q5, RAZOR, THE RODS, SCARAB, TANKARD, TYSONDOG, ZED YAGO.

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