VREID Debuts “Sólverv” Video

October 2, 2015, 3 years ago

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VREID Debuts “Sólverv” Video

Norway’s Vreid venture back to their roots on their seventh album, titled Sólverv, which will be released through Indie Recordings on October 9th. Today the band debuts the first video and title track from the album. The amazing art in this video is forged by the talented Kim Holm. The video is filmed in the beautiful landscape of Sogndal in the western part of Norway.

Hváll: ”Sólverv is the title track from out new album, and I can say with all honesty that this is a milestone track from Vreid. This song defines all of our work, and feels like our strongest accomplishment to date." 

"Working with Vreid has been a revelation,“ adds director and art designer Kim Holm. “Hvall had a singular guiding vision for the front-covers, but still gave me complete freedom with the rest of the artwork. I wanted the video to reflect the song, relentless, unpredictable and ever-changing. I couldn´t be more pleased with the result." - 

Inspired by the blood heritage of Hváll who, alongside his fellow band members, hails from the deep valleys of Sogndal in Norway; a place where his ancestors fought and died to preserve their precious land. Sólverv is an epic milestone for this tyrannical brigade.


“Ætti sitt Fjedl”    
“Når Byane Brenn”    
“Storm frå Vest”    
“Fridom med daudens klang”


Hváll: “Sólverv is not just another album, this is the definition of our lives and heritage. We share a bond since our childhood days, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We strive for the timeless, and through our music we lose track of time.”

Vreid will hit the road in October on the Indie Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Tour alongside none other than extreme metallers Keep Of Kalessin and the vicious northerners in Vredehammer.


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