ADLER'S APPETITE Vocalist Rick Stitch - "The Band Is Going Through The Transition Of A Novelty Tribute Band To An Original Act"

December 24, 2010, 6 years ago

By Deb Rao

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Deb Rao recently caught up with ADLER'S APPETITE vocalist Rick Stitch for an exclusive interview. Check it out below: Adler's Appetite recently wrapped up their last show for 2010 in Las Vegas at Feelgoods. It was a great show. What has the highlight of 2010 been for you touring the world with Adler's Appetite?

Rick: "I gotta say, hearing people sing the words to our first single 'Alive' by the end of the 2010 US tour was pretty slick. Whether it was from the clip on our official website or Howard Stern debuting it on his XM radio show, people learned it and where screaming the words right back at us. That was by far one of the many highlights in 2010." Adler's Appetite has been through some line-up changes during their career. How did you get the gig as lead singer for Adler's Appetite? I know you hail form the Los Angeles area and recently sang for a band called LADYJACK.

Rick: "Ladyjack was the opening act for Adler's Appetite at the Key Club Hollywood show in January of 2009. LA's a very small world so after they fell singerless and needed someone to fill in I got the call to jam with the guys at Amp rehearsal in North Hollywood, also where Ladyjack was rehearsing at the time. We got along great and played a few gigs together a couple days after that jam session. Flash forward...North and South American tours as well as a future European tour and a new record coming out early 2011 via our official website. It's safe to say we were a natural fit." What do you hope to bring to the plate as lead vocalist for Adler's Appetite?

Rick: "As lead vocalist of Adler's Appetite I hope to have brought nothing but my best. Steven, being the alumni Gunner, has been in a band with one of the greatest vocalist and frontmen ever, so going into this project I knew I would really need to bring my 'A' game and sing the classic GUNS N' ROSES songs to the best of my ability and really concentrate on giving the fans the best show visually, and vocally, possible. Now that the band is going through the transition of a novelty tribute band to an original act, I feel my ability and strengths in songwriting will defiantly be utilized for this project." Adler's Appetite has a stellar line-up of musicians. Including Steven Adler on drums, Alex Grossi on guitar, Michael Thomas on guitar and Chip Z'nuff on bass. How does each member help influence the writing process for the new album?

Rick: "The great thing about the band is that each member comes from a different place and each of one of us has our own fashion of songwriting. We have the opportunity to write tunes that will chart with the current trending bands on stations like KROQ and Steven will be able to bring that classic Adler/GNR stamp which worked, and still works so well. We sort of have the best of both worlds. We are able to reach audiences because the fans are able to identify with something familiar, yet, we are able to give them something new by having each guy do their own thing to the song and exploit it the best we can. If you bring a song to this band it's gonna get raped. Egos get checked at the door." Adler's Appetite recently released their first single 'Alive' from the upcoming CD. It is available on iTunes. Tell us about the title and what the song denotes to you.

Rick: 'Alive' is a story that all of us; in the band and people listening to the song, have lived through. Depending on the person, the scale of relativity may be far or less greater but there is no doubt in my mind that there's a line in that song that you can relate to. Whether it be a battle with addiction, one's self-destruction, loss, corruption, redemption, achievement…you name it, there are those moment's where you have recollected what you have been through and say to your self 'Man, it's good to be alive." The band is currently in the studio working with CINDERELLA drummer Fred Coury on your upcoming CD. Tell us about the writing process for the CD? Would you say is has a Guns N' Roses vibe to it?

Rick: "Of course, Steven is drumming. There will always be that classic Guns flavor in the music. He's the bus driver in the band so he's setting the pace for the trip. Appetite For Destruction was a heavy influence for each guy in the band so by nature you're gonna get a bit of that from everyone. Keep in mind, when you are playing a beast like 'Welcome To The Jungle' and then decide to perform an original of your own, it's got to be able to fit in the set seamlessly. The fans that have been coming to the Adler's Appetite shows from the beginning have been coming for Steven and for classic Guns songs. With the new album coming out, the audience will have the chance to grow with us and the new songs without feeling lost." You mentioned at the Vegas show that Adler's Appetite will release two new singles on Christmas Eve? Tell us about the new singles.

Rick: "The new singles are great. Am I biased? Of course I am. I'm in the damn band haha. But seriously, Freddy did a great job steering the ship. He's one talented mofo and he brought a lot to these songs as well. One of the singles 'Stardog', sounds like a beast that has been caged and broken itself from it's shackles. Its a screaming shrill from beginning to end. The second, 'Fading' is your classic ballad. By releasing 'Fading' it gives us the opportunity to show people that Adler's Appetite has more to offer as a collective. Despite popular belief, we all have a sensitive side to y'know. It was a nice change for us to put down the sledgehammers and try something a bit more outside of our spectrum. As for the release date, we have done our part getting the tunes finished but given that technology and forces outside of our control play a key factor in this process, our fingers are crossed that these singles are gonna make for some sweet stocking stuffers on Christmas morn". Is there a confirmed release date or title yet for the new Adler's Appetite CD in 2011?

Rick: "No title or date has been confirmed yet but I am sure by the end of the European tour in February 2011, we will have a better idea". Adler's Appetite will resume touring in January with a performance on January 15 at The Whiskey for NAMM weekend. The band heads back over to Europe in February. Are you looking forward to the European tour?

Rick: "Hells yeah I am! We criss-crossed the states over and over and it has been such a great time and the fans were unbelievable. But, I think performing on some new ground will be great for the band and the shows are selling out to so its safe to say that anyone in my shoes would be just as stoked as I am." Are there any Canadian dates confirmed in 2011?

Rick: "It's possible. Next year's calendar is filling up so I wouldn't be surprise if we were chowing down some poutine and drinking Tim Horton's coffee by the gallons next year. Especially since Mr. Adler was a Canadian citizen for three days this summer. Haha No joke!" As 2010 draws to a close, what can Adler's Appetite fans look forward to in 2011?

Rick: "2011 is going to be a big year for the band. What is now a European tour could very well become a World Tour by next fall. We've been bustin' our asses off writing, rehearsing and performing and our shows have been getting tighter and tighter so fans can expect to get their dollars worth when they come see the band! Writing new music has been a big gust of wind in the band's sails as it has brought us closer together and set the goal of having the new record out early 2011. What you see next year depends on what you are looking for. And what you are looking for can most likely be found at our official website,"

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