DORO - Celebrating 30 Years With OVERKILL, SAVATAGE, ANNIHILATOR Members In The Big Apple

SONATA ARCTICA Discuss Return Of Classic Logo, Give Details On New Book, Ecliptica Revisited - “If You First Fell In Love With Ecliptica Then You Might Hate This One”

ANNIHILATOR’s Jeff Waters - "We're Hoping To Put Out Our 15th Studio Record By May/June/July"

AMON AMARTH / SABATON - Double Dose Swedish Superstars Live In New York

EVERGREY - Reunited And It Feels So Good...

WHITE EMPRESS Guitarist Paul Allender – “CRADLE OF FILTH Wasn’t Right For Me Anymore”

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DECADAWN - "It All Ends Today "

DECADAWN - "It All Ends Today "

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MYRKUR Launch “Nattens Barn” Video

MYRKUR Launch “Nattens Barn” Video

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