NJ Food Truck & Rock Carnival Day 2: The Crowd Begins To Bang!

October 3, 2016, 2 years ago

By Mark Gromen


Awoke to find dry, albeit threatening skies. After a damp night, with persistent misting, a welcome sight for both fans and the promoter of this large 3-day outdoor event. All stages and amenities were functional. First notable act was Punky Meadows, the former Angel guitarist. Looking fit and tan, he ran his band (five vocalists, including a a backing female duo) through a combination of tunes from his old outfit, as well as his new Fallen Angel CD. "Wild & Hot" makes the best use of the female twosome. Newbie "Loaded Gun" gallops like a Riot number. Drums introduce "Can You Feel It" and the sci-fi laser sound effect kick off the "Tower" finale. Hillbilly "culture" came to Jersey, courtesy of Jackyl. The band might be passable Southern Rock if Jesse Dupree did away from the goofiness (banter about American Idol, private jets and midgets running through the aisles with bowls of cocaine. Really? What era is it?) In addition to the concluding "Lumberjack Song", complete with chainsaw, they aired "Dirty Little Mind" and "Down On Me". Red Bank based  Monster Magnet began a run of NJ/NYC bands. who said Dave Wyndorf needs drugs to play? "Tractor", "Powertrippin'" were on hand, as the stage lights came into effect, on the still light, but darkening skies.

If nothing else, putting Fuel and Daugherty on the bill gave metalheads a chance to rest, get something to eat, explore the vendors/rides outside the stadium. A 3x3 stack of Marshalls, another linear trio, tilted, directly behind former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley showcased a set heavy on his old outfit. "Rip It Out", "Parasite", "Love Gun", "Shock Me" and concluding "Detroit Rock City". Of his own material, there was "Rock Soldiers", "NY Groove" and from the new CD, a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Emerald", plus all the guitar tricks: flashing lights, smoking axe, etc. As the weather turned wet once again, Over Kill laid down a rapid fire sequence. Not sure how many mainstream rock fans (aka Kiss/Frehley, Daugherty, Twisted Sister) knew or had heard the Jersey thrashers before. Perhaps that's why they ended with a heretofore unheard rendition of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds". Prior to that, there was the ubiquitous "Rotten To The Core", "Hello From The Gutter", "Hammerhead", "Feel The Fire" and the concluding "Elimination and "Fuck You", albeit separate entities this time around!

After a protracted changeover, "It's A Long Way To The Top" (speaking of the Aussie rockers) heralded the "final" (we'll see!) area appearance of Twisted Sister. Ripped and a couple of songs in, shirtless, Dee Snider (SMF emblazoned on the seat of his leather pants) was red faced (literally) during "Burn In Hell". Plenty of photo ops for Fingers, Animal and Jay Jay during the early part. More talkative than recent concert stops, Snider did jump splits, even if he had to use the pink mic stand as a prop. Despite teasing there'd be some "surprises", since it was the "last" Tri-state gig, nothing out of the ordinary (like Club Daze era material), but all the biggies were included.

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RED DRAGON CARTEL – “Crooked Man” (Frontiers)

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