Remembering Summer Breeze 2019 - The Sights

August 14, 2020, a month ago

By “Metal” Tim Henderson

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With COVID-19 putting the kibosh on all live events this year, we thought we’d share some fond memories from our trip to visit our partners at the Summer Breeze Open Air, southern Germany's largest metal festival which sees over 40,000 fans travel from around the world! The event is held just outside the historical city of Dinkelsbühl, Germany (about 90 minutes from Stuttgart) and is certainly one of the highlights of the year for any metalhead! So bask in the joy of what was and what will be a highlight for many years to come! Our first gallery features random shots of Mark Gromen, Sephora Henderson and "Metal" Tim Henderson getting their festival legs back on again! 🤘🍻

Rock Summer Breeze Open Air at this location.

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ENSLAVED - "Urjotun" (Nuclear Blast)

ENSLAVED - "Urjotun" (Nuclear Blast)

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