ACCEPT’s Mark Tornillo – “We’re A Different Band At This Point”

February 16, 2018, a year ago

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ACCEPT’s Mark Tornillo – “We’re A Different Band At This Point”

Metal Shock Finland’s Alison Booth recently had an interview with Accept vocalist Mark Tornillo on The Rise Of Chaos tour, for her Blackdiamond's Metal Mayhem radio show and is now published online.

Talking about Accept fans:

“Makes me feel great, it makes me feel great that they accepted me into the Accept family, no pun intended! It’s been wow man, going on ten years for me now which is just insane. We just had an incredible run through Spain, three shows in Spain and they were just ridiculous – off the hook, you can’t even imagine! The fans are what make it happen definitely.”

On people who still don’t ‘accept’ today’s Accept:

“Everybody is entitled to their opinion – I’m a purist too with certain things, I get it. But I think we’ve moved on, we’re a different band at this point. We still pay tribute to the old Accept by playing the old songs, I mean we have the two people that wrote most of the songs, we have to. That’s always gonna be part of Accept’s history, we can’t change it. All we can change is the future.

“I wish them all well, I wish Udo well and his band you know. No hard feelings on my part, that’s for sure.”

Discussing the future for Accept, Mark said:

“That’s a good question – it’s still up in the air what’s gonna happen the rest of the year after the festivals. We may continue touring all year, I really don’t know. After that, it remains to be seen, maybe do another record, I don’t know. We’re too old to take five years off (laughs). At some point we’re gonna have to call it quits or just go right back to the studio. It is what it is, or just continue touring.

We do as much as we can, but you can’t oversaturate either. You just have to pray for new markets too and thank God for South America – that’s become a great market for us, actually we’re gonna go back in May. Australia seems to be picking up for us, we just have to be consistent. It’s just like the old days, you have to tour consistently and hit those places and keep pounding ’em, that’s how you pick up fans.”

Accept have released a video message for their live date in Kiev, Ukraine on Wednesday, February 21st at the Palace Of Sports.


21 – Kiev, Ukraine – Palace Of Sports
23 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Aurora Concert Hall
24 - Moscow, Russian Federation - GlavClub Green Concert
26 - Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation - Tele-Club
27 - Samara, Russian Federation - Zvezda

Find Accept's complete tour itinerary at this location.

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