ALICE COOPER Guitarist/Collaborator Dick Wagner - "They Say Rock Musicians Don't Have A Heart, But I Do"

April 4, 2012, 5 years ago

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One time ALICE COOPER guitarist/collaborator Dick Wagner recently issued his new book, Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes From The Heart Of A Rock Musician, as a Kindle eBook via Amazon. It features a foreword written by Cooper. has issued a new interview with Wagner. On the above mentioned book he states:

"You know they say rock musicians don't have a heart, but I do. Alice Cooper and I had written a song called 'Only Women Bleed', which was very famous and spoke of domestic violence, and so when I was thinking about writing a book, because that song is so famous, and because I believe that men are wounded also and women definitely take the brunt of whatever you want to call domestic violence, even mental abuse. Men also have their problems, so I tried to write this book from a point of view of a man who's gone through his life, not just music, but the same thing any human being would go through, a very ordinary but a pretty extraordinary life at the same time, so I got to tackle all that and that's why I named the book."

Read the full interview at this location.

Dick Wagner’s Not Only Women Bleed stands tall amongst a proliferation of memoirs about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Supported by an edgy and ironic wit, Wagner creates rich visualizations that transport and envelop the reader in place and time. An agile and intuitive writer, Wagner’s phrasing is both colorful and literate. He delivers tales of reckless behavior and intimate debauchery with an emotional reverberation that will resonate with a wide reading audience.

A man whose fans and friends refer to as “The Maestro of Rock,” Wagner shares a lifetime of experience as a songwriter, lead guitarist and producer/arranger with top international performance and recording artists, including Alice Cooper, AEROSMITH, LOU REED, PETER GABRIEL, AIR SUPPLY, and dozens more.

Early encounters with such legends as LITTLE RICHARD, ROY ORBISON, BB KING and LES PAUL highlight moments of achievement in personal musical growth. Poignantly recounted stories of youthful days on the road and years of hit recordings, contrast with emotional tales of drug abuse and addiction that led to near fatal health issues. After physical adversity left him disabled and “drying up in the desert,” Wagner finds enlightenment in the intensive care unit and takes the reader on a miraculous journey of courage and commitment. His return to live performance is an inspirational celebration of packed venues, overjoyed fans and critical media acclaim.

The hands-on, day to day collaboration with his editor, Susan Michelson, struck a rare balance, creating a great read that preserves all that is fresh and different about Wagner’s book. No ghost writing here… no heavy handed “fit-the-mold” editing and rewriting. The result is a hard-driving, heart-driven life scripture, vividly and joyfully conveyed. In the pages of this book you will find reflections of family and personal dynamics, uncovering pure and unexpected emotion. Wagner’s collection of vignettes takes you on a literary journey that is an easy, compelling read.

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