ALICE COOPER - "People Assume I Must Have Bit The Head Off Something To Get Into The Rock Hall"

April 1, 2011, 6 years ago

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Martin Cizmar from the Phoenix New Times is reporting:

Shock rocker ALICE COOPER would like to remind you that he did not, in fact, do that crazy thing you think you remember him doing. That was actually OZZY OSBOURNE.

"For the last time, it wasn't me who supposedly bit the head off a live bat," said the 63-year-old Phoenix resident. "If anyone did that, it was Ozzy, and, honestly, it's probably just a myth."
"Just the other day I was at Safeway buying groceries when some moron comes up to me, tossing up the devil horn hand sign," Cooper continued. "And he goes, 'What does bat blood taste like, dude?' And it's like, 'how the hell am I supposed to know? Ask Ozzy.'"

Now that he's in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Cooper says he would expect people to stop confusing him with the British-born BLACK SABBATH singer a year his junior. Yet, if anything, he's found the opposite to be true, especially as it relates to popular urban legends.

"People assume I must have bit the head off something to get into the Rock Hall based off the two or three really good songs our band had," he said. "But they forget I also wore women's clothing and goofy makeup about the same time other acts were doing the same thing, and that I had a few cheesy haunted house-type gags involving fake blood built into our performances. Groundbreaking stuff, ya know?"


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