ALICE IN CHAINS Unveil 'Acid Bubble' Interactive Music Video

September 16, 2010, 8 years ago

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ALICE IN CHAINS introduce an interactive music video experience for 'Acid Bubble'. Produced by Spy Films, director Nick Goso created an interactive space where users manipulate their perspective and experience 360-degree environments.

Check it out now at this location.

As previously reported, Martin Bandyke from spoke with Alice In Chains singer William DuVall recently about a number of topics. When asked if there any plans for another Alice In Chains album down the road he responded:

"We try not to break out the crystal ball; life tells us that's not a good idea. But there are definitely arrangements, fragments and riffs we have. That is how "Black Gives Way to Blue" was born: little ideas that came together on buses and during rehearsals. The same thing has been happening lately, so I would not be surprised - after we settle from this massive touring we've been doing - for us to sift through everything and find if there are some songs. I'd be surprised if we just stopped."

Read the entire interview here.

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