ANETTE OLZON - Former NIGHTWISH Singer Releases 'Lies' Video

February 14, 2014, 6 years ago

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Former NIGHTWISH vocalist ANETTE OLZON has released her new video, 'Lies', taken from her upcoming debut solo album, Shine.

The Shine release dates via earMUSIC are as follows:

Sweden - March 26th

Germany, Finland, Russia, Spain - March 28th

France, Benelux, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, UK - March 31st

Italy - April 1st

North America - April 8th

Shine has been produced with the collaboration of some of the most successful teams in rock and pop in Scandinavia: the producer Stefan Örn (songwriter and producer of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest winning track ‘Running Scared’), Johan Glössner and co-produced by Anette Olzon and Johan Kronlund. The album was mixed by Kronlund, Nicklas Flykt and Ronny Lahti (known for his work with LOREEN and ROXETTE).

Check out the first lyric video for the song 'Fallen' below:

"I am so thrilled to finally release my first solo album,” says Anette Olzon. “I’ve been working on it for a long time by now... The album is very personal with songs I have started writing already in 2009 but also very recent songs. The overall message of the album is that life can be really dark and filled with hardship and sadness, but you can always choose to see some light coming through, to make you stronger and full of life - making you SHINE... no matter what."

And what about the musical direction? “In the end, it is a rock album,” says Anette. “Well, a pop rock album maybe, or would you call it pop metal?” We have heard this one before, didn’t we?

Whether we can define Shine a metal album, rock, pop or “pop rock” what would be hard to miss is how strong the songs are and what an extraordinary album it is. It exceptionally masters the borders between melancholy and hope, between fragility and power, because it showcases an artist who doesn't rest on her laurels but heads boldly into the future. Because it shines.

See what Anette has to say about Shine below:

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