ANGEL BLAKE Part Ways With Metal Blade

March 9, 2007, 12 years ago

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ANGEL BLAKE guitarist Marko Tervonen, formerly of THE CROWN, has issued the following update:

"Ok, this is the thing.

Angel Blake's contract with Metal Blade has ended and the time has come to once again move on. Interesting times indeed.

As mentioned before, I'm in pre-prod mode right now. I have recorded five new songs and last weekend Tony (Jelencovich, vocals) was in the studio and we completed two songs. Tomorrow (Sat Mar 10th) Tony will come back and we'll do the remaining three songs.

The plan is to send this demo to the labels that have shown interest.

Hopefully the real recordings can start within a couple of months.

I'm really psyched about the new songs. I'm still proud of the debut album, I think it was a strong debut that had some fresh and cool ideas. The debut album was about 70% old ideas, but now the songs are pretty much all based on new ideas. So in my opinion this feels more unique. It's heavy, it's sombre, it's powerful with a lot of catchy hooks = Angel Blake.

The overall tempo has a bit more energy, and is made to get the adrenaline going on live. But the Angel Blake sound is still 100% present with a healthy dose of new ideas pushing everything forward. It's still 100% heart, and this time it's more present than ever. Can't wait to get this monster out in its fullest form!

Two days ago the debut album was released in Japan. The mighty Burrn magazine seems to really like it, so it's gonna be cool to see what happens over there.

All the best!


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