ANGRA Receive 11 Burrn! Magazine "Best Of 2004" Nominations

March 15, 2005, 14 years ago

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According to a post at the official ANGRA website, the band has received high praise for their new album, Temple Of Shadows, in both Japan and their native Brazil, easily their two best markets. Read on...

"Angra has been awarded in 11 categories of the best prize of the year in Burrn! magazine from Japan. The result was published on Saturday, March 5th 2005 in BURRN! Magazine from Japan. It is worth remember that Burrn! Magazine is one of the main, if not the main magazine of Rock around the world.

Temple of Shadows was considered the Best Album Of 2004 for readers and Spread Your Fire‚ the Best Music. Angra was awarded in more nine categories of the prize. It was the second in the Best Band, Best Composition and Best Cover categories for Temple of Shadows. Edu Falaschi also won the second place as Best Singer, in which the champion was Bruce Dickinson. Aquiles Priester and Kiko Loureiro won the fourth place in their respective categories being them respectively Best Drummer and Best Guitarist; Felipe Andreoli was considered the eighth Best Bassist of the world and the DVD Rebirth Live In São Paulo is the eighth Best DVD Of 2004, Rafael Bittencourt was also mentioned as the thirtieth Best Guitarist Of 2004.

In Brazil, the band was also mentioned as the best of the year in the election traditionally promoted by heavy metal specialized magazines. Not only the readers of Rock Brigade, as the ones of Roadie Crew chose Angra as the best in practically every issue evaluated: Best Band, CD and Best Show, and also consecrated individually Edu Falaschi (vocals), Kiko Loureiro (guitarist), Rafael Bittencourt (guitarist), Aquiles Priester (drummer), Felipe Andreoli (bassist) and the invited keyboardist Fábio Laguna, the Best Musicians Of 2004."

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