ANIMAL DRIVE Streaming Cover Of WARRANT's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" From Back To The Roots EP

March 14, 2019, 6 months ago

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ANIMAL DRIVE Streaming Cover Of WARRANT's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" From Back To The Roots EP

Croatian hard rockers, Animal Drive, are streaming their cover of Warrant's "Uncle Tom's Cabin", to be featured on the band's upcoming Back To The Roots EP, coming soon from Frontiers Music Srl. Listen below and order the single here.

Animal Drive are preparing to begin work in earnest on the follow-up album to their stunning debut, Bite!. To hold fans over while they wait for the band's new album, Animal Drive jumped in the studio to record a covers EP, Back To The Roots. The tracklisting includes a super-heavy rendition of Roxette’s “The Look” (featuring the guest vocals of Frontiers labelmate and fellow Trans-Siberian Orchestra artist Rosa Laricchiuta), a magnificent and epic version of Whitesnake’s “Judgement Day”, Skid Row’s “Monkey Business”, and Warrant’s evergreen classic “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” Animal Drive showcase how much musical prowess the band possesses by covering these three hard rock classics and a mainstream '90s hit and completely making them their own.

On why the band chose to cover Skid Row's "Monkey Business", Dino Jelusic says, “People used to, and still do sometimes, compare Animal Drive to Skid Row and their Slave To The Grind era. That song opens the Slave To The Grind album and it’s a monster jam, so it felt like a logical fit."

Of the other covers on Back To The Roots, Jelusic continues, "The other three songs are 'Uncle Tom’s Cabin' by Warrant, 'Judgement Day' by Whitesnake and 'The Look' by Roxette. I've always wanted to cover 'The Look' in a heavy way, so it was cool to finally do it. We are big Whitesnake fans and had to go for one of their more epic jams. The Warrant song is one of their absolute best and shows what a great songwriters Jani and the band are, plus it's a great fit for a heavy band to cover."

As for what can fans expect from the next Animal Drive album, Jelusic says, "I more or less have all the songs down. It will be epic, a lot more versatile than the first album, more pianos and orchestra, progressive, but still very heavy and melodic. Probably my finest lyrical and musical work to date."

Back To The Roots is a great chance to get accustomed with one of the hottest new Hard Rock bands around and if you are a serious fan, this time you can’t go wrong.


"The Look" (featuring Rosa Laricchiuta)
"Judgement Day"
"Monkey Business"
"Uncle Tom’s Cabin"

"Uncle Tom’s Cabin":

"Monkey Business":

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