ASCENSION - Debut Album Release Dates Announced

September 23, 2013, 3 years ago

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UK power metallers ASCENSION recently inked a deal with Limb Music for the European/North American release of their Far Beyond The Stars album, which will be available on October 11th in Europe, October 14th in the UK, and November 19th in North America.

Vocalist Ricki Carnie recently stated: "It is with GREAT pleasure that we can finally announce to you the news you've all been waiting for! Ascension have officially signed a deal through our Japan based label Spiritual Beast with the European power metal record label Limb Music to handle the release of Far Beyond The Stars in Europe and North America!

This will see our debut album finally launched in those regions within the next month or two guaranteed! Not only that, but as an extra surprise the CD will come as an enhanced CD with the official video of 'Somewhere Back in Time' included, and also a re-mastered and enhanced version of our ROXETTE cover 'Listen To Your Heart' as a bonus track. We are also very happy to announce we have signed a publishing deal with JVC Victor to work in conjunction with the imminent release!

Now that Ascension have teamed up with Spiritual Beast, Universal Music, Limb Music and JVC Victor, we have forged an alliance to be reckoned with - and now it's time to bring our unique brand of power metal to the world!"

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