AURORA BOREALIS - New Album Details Revealed

October 25, 2010, 7 years ago

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Maryland-based death/black metallers AURORA BOREALIS have revealed that their new CD will be titled Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything. The album, the band's 6th studio CD, will be released in early 2011 and will consist of 9 tracks, and 2 narratives.

The CD is a concept album that starts from the beginning of all existence and continues through until the very end of the universe and the eventual retraction and rebirth of it all.

Says Ron Vento (guitars, vocals, bass), "The CD is what I consider to be a true chronological explanation of how everything was started and what will happen over the next 100 billion years and beyond.

I try to touch on everything from the big bang, to the formation of planets and stars, life in the universe, evolution and creationism, eventual space colonization, the fabric of the universe itself, time travel, other dimensions and species trying to preserve their races. I also explain how I think it all will one day end.

There are literally hundreds of hours wrapped up into this CD so far and we still have a good ways to go but the release should be out very early 2011.

The CD will have a limited hard copy run with fairly elaborate package, however we plan to also put up a link with a zip file of the entire package's artwork and layout as well as high quality loss less audio files on the web site for people who cannot afford to buy the CD. I want anyone who wants the CD to have it, its not about making money on this, its about putting out a great cd and getting into the hands of people who want it.

This is not some garbage I am just putting out, it is from years of research and studying the cosmos and the things that make it up. I have been intrigued by this since a very young age because my father who works at NASA always was working on some sort of space mission and bringing info on them home when i was a kid and it just has stuck with me through the years."

Further updates to follow. More on Aurora Borealis at this location.

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