AVA INFERI Complete Studio Sessions For Blood Of Bacchus; Cancel Algarve em Chamas VII Festival Appearance

December 31, 2008, 10 years ago

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Almada, Portugal-based metallers AVA INFERI have issued an update regarding their forthcoming third album, Blood Of Bacchus, due for a 2009 release. Says Rune Eriksen - "Ladies and villains! The studio session is done and finito.

Out of our efforts came 9 powerful and sad hymns, all showcasing Ava Inferi's refusal to stagnate and go the easy and throdden path of repetition.

Allthough the final mix isnt done yet(I will head off to Norway in mid January to do the finishing touches) we can see/hear the contours of something we are very, very proud of. And believe me, I cant wait for the worldwide release(sometime mid April I should think) and getting feedbacks from friends and followers abroad.

Believe me, it was a hard nut to crack this one, and the trail of dramatic events occured while recording puts a strong singular "flavour" to this album (we even managed two unexpected headlines in the local newspaper during our stay). But we sincerely hope/believe that there is bright things coming out of all this. It is a pure album, shining love for true and soulful musick.

We are especially happy with the sound this time around, and I believe it sounds way heavier than our 2 previous albums, and also more "metal" as im sure some will utter. This goes for the actual songs as well, not just the sound.

But despair not, there are enough tristesse and serenity to provoce the most saddened thoughts on here as well. We are not changing, merely evolving!

I would also like to thank our guests on this album, for taking their time and showcasing good will. Kristoffer Rygg (ULVER), Live Kostöl (PANTHEON I), Fredrik Söderlind (PUISSENCE) and the amazing piano talent Arne Martinussen. You all gave the album a touch of warmth!

To end this short update I have some bad news regarding our scheduled appearance at the Algarve em Chamas VII Festival taking place the 30th of january 09. Due to our mixing schedule we are sorry to announce our cancellation. We certainly hope for a re-scheduled date later in the new year.

I will get back to you all with tracklistings etc when the fog has lifted."

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