BEHEMOTH Frontman NERGAL Talks Religion In Fan Q&A - "I Don't See How People Can Find Happiness In Being Slaves"

February 9, 2019, 6 months ago

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BEHEMOTH Frontman NERGAL Talks Religion In Fan Q&A - "I Don't See How People Can Find Happiness In Being Slaves"

Metal Hammer recently invited Behemoth fans to grill frontman Nergal with questions. Following is an excerpt from the resulting Q&A:

Q: Would Behemoth ever do a KISS and drop the makeup? 

Nergal: “We don’t really need to do that because bands like Ghost, KISS and Slipknot have all unmasked themselves, and it was too late for me to unmask myself because I exposed myself ages ago. There’s no need for me to hide from the public because that’s not in my nature; I’m very outgoing to show people I have an onstage and offstage persona and both are very genuine. These days, with social networks, you can’t keep the mystique going for long. It’s a sign of the times but a lot of bands unmask themselves thinking they’re mature and grown up now but I don’t see it that way; we’ll go with whatever suits the concept and higher vision. Maybe one day the higher vision will be determined by the record we’re going to make, maybe it will force us to change or find an equivalent to the masks, but I love how it is now. We’re always experimenting with our masks and costume changes, so we’re still really varied.”

Q: Is there a particular album of yours that was received in a different way than you expected? 

Nergal: “I was very proud of The Satanist and I wasn’t expecting it to be that huge; it hit people and they loved it from the minute they heard it. I Loved You At Your Darkest is a grower and I’m happy to see people are so confused by it. I think that may be a guarantee that the album will survive longer. One of my biggest artistic goals is to make records that will remain after I’m gone. I’d love people to remember as ‘this guy from Poland who’s in charge of this band Behemoth and they made music that was timeless to us.’”

Q: When are you gonna stop being an edgy emo kid that still thinks trashing religion is cool?

Nergal: “Keep in mind that I never attack people. I always attack doctrines and ideals that I think are dangerous to someone’s freedom. I cannot agree with North Korean policy and I say it’s bullshit, don’t go there and get imprisoned, and if you live there, get the fuck out of there – is it weird when I say that? I hope not. The same goes for religion, especially monotheistic religions because to me, they’re like modern slavery. Most people don’t see it but you think you’re free, yet you’re bound to these numerous rules you must obey. To me, any religion is like North Korea. If you can think for yourself, confront that and get the fuck away from that because I don’t see how people can find happiness in being slaves. That’s just me, you can’t ask me not to be myself. What you can do is stop following me, reading my interviews and listening to my music, then you won’t have that problem anymore because that’s your own free will. You are you and I am me, focus on your own garden and keep it clean instead of spitting on someone else’s.”

Read the complete Q&A here.

Behemoth are currently touring Europe. Find the tour itinerary below.

In anticipation of the current trek, the band launched a new video for "Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica" (directed by Grupa 13), taken from their latest album, I Loved You At Your Darkest, which landed at #1 on BraveWords' BravePicks 2018 list. Watch the new below.

Orion (bass & vocals) comments: "Behemoth Legions! As this 'ILYAYD' adventure continues onwards, we want to share a new video with you! Since we began the writing process, 'Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica' was a stand-out contender to be featured as a single and music video. As the song evolved during rehearsal and recording, it gained this lively, furious vibe... which you hear now - thus, it includes live performance elements which we've not done in quite some time. We are happy to work with Grupa13 once again - and once again, they showed their super-professional approach at every step of the shooting and video production. Two separate locations, hours of preparation, but it was all worth it. In absentia dei, we evangelize! Enjoy!"

Concert tickets can be purchased here.

Ecclesia Diabolica Evropa 2019 e.v., with At The Gates, Wolves In The Throne Room

9 - Manchester, UK - O2 Ritz
10 - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street
11 - Glasgow, Scotland - QM Union

On November 25th, 2018, Behemoth's art show, Thou Art Darkest, made it's final stop in Los Angeles, California. The band has posted this recap video:

Behemoth lineup:

Nergal - vocals & guitars
Orion - bass & vocals
Inferno - drums & percussion
Seth - live guitar

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