BLAZE BAYLEY - "The True Kings Of Metal Are The Fans"

January 30, 2012, 7 years ago

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BLAZE BAYLEY (WOLFSBANE, ex-IRON MAIDEN) is featured in a new interview with Greece's Rock Overdose. An excerpt is available below:

Rockoverdose: You announced that you are doing a massive European tour. How does it feel?

Blaze: "It’s the biggest tour I’ve done for years. It’s great. Returning to some of the places and meet the fans again is great. It was hard for me to return with a tour, a good band and possibly with a new album and up until now it goes very well. I am excited. It’s very busy time but I am glad that I can see my fans and play them my new songs."

Rockoverdose: We’ve been to one of your show in Greece a couple of years ago and we can say that it was one of the most honest show we’ve been. It seems that the years in Iron Maiden haven’t changed you at all.

Blaze: "Yes. Actually the true kings of metal are the fans, and that’s why I dedicate my new album to the fans and I named it The King Of Metal. Without fans there is no heavy metal. The fans in Greece are so passionate with metal music and that’s why I love playing in Greece. It’s my favorite place in the world to play because fans respect what I do."

Rockoverdose: Is it true that you are going to tour with Paul Di’ Anno?

Blaze: "Yes. I am going to Russia. Someone got me in contact with Paul and he asked me 'Do you want to come to Russia and sing some songs together?' Actually it will be for some headlining shows and I said that I wanted to do it because my last visit there was awful."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

King Of Metal World Tour, which begins March 8th in St. Niklaas, Belgium and wraps May 27th in Bresso, Italy.

The band lineup:

Blaze Bayley - Vocals

Andrea Neri (ASTARTE SYRIACA) - Guitar

Thomas Zwijsen (NYLON MAIDEN) - Guitar

Matteo "Lehmann" Grazzini (NEURASTHENIA) - Bass

Claudio Tirincanti - Drums

The complete routing can be accessed at

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