BLOOD STAIN CHILD Gearing Up For Kansas' Naka-Kon 2012; Video Message Online

February 2, 2012, 8 years ago

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Japan's BLOOD STAIN CHILD will perform at Naka-Kon 2012 in Overland Park, Kansas, which runs from February 10th - 12th. They have issued a video message to the fans, which can be found below:

Go to this location for event information, stay tuned for updates.

As previously reported, Blood Stain Child vocalist Sophia is featured in a new interview with Shosen-Ningen. An excerpt is available below:

Q: You said in another interview that you get asked a lot to re-record old Blood Stain Child songs. Which one is your personal favourite and which one would you find most challenging to interpret with your voice?

Sophia: "I generally don’t like to touch old material, out of respect for the band’s history and the fans who love those songs. But since a lot of voices keep asking for new versions and we perform them live anyway, I’d like to re-record 'Metropolis'. It’s a truly beautiful song."

Q: In the past, Blood Stain Child has worked with several international artists such as Anssi Kippo or Tue Madsen, for example. You yourself are Greek, do you think that this internationality influences and maybe broadens the bands’ musical horizon?

Sophia: "Yes, the band always aimed towards a more international audience, but the fact that they were unable to communicate sufficiently with the outside, kept them away from what they wanted, I think. I have a completely different mentality and background though, so all this changed as soon as I joined. I’d feel too restricted if we were active only in Japan."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Blood Stain Child has collaborated with Konami Digital Entertainment on a music-game application intended for iPhone and iPad, called Jubeat Plus. Starting December 30th, the Jubeat store will offer a pack of four songs from Blood Stain Child's latest album, Epsilon, giving fans the chance to experience the band's charm and vibrant energy right on your screen.

The songs on offer will be 'Electricity', 'Stargazer', 'Sirius VI', and 'Unlimited Alchemist'.

Download method (only for iOS):

1) Go to the official Jubeat Plus website here.

2) Download the Jubeat Plus application for free.

3) Inside the application you will find a 'buy music' screen (Jubeat store).There you can purchase a pack of four songs for ¥450 (tax incl.)

Blood Stain Child's new album, Epsilon, is out now via Coroner Records. The tracklist is as follows:

'Sirius VI'

'Forever Free'



'Unlimited Alchemist'



'Moon Light Wave'

'Dedicated To Violator'




Check out BW&BK;'s review of the album here.

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