BOBNOXIOUS - Live Date Announced For Woodstock, Ontario

November 7, 2012, 2 years ago

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BOBNOXIOUS - featuring RAZOR frontman Bob Reid - have updated their live schedule with a show in Woodstock, Ontario on December 13th. Their schedule is now as follows:
November 17 - The Stubborn Mule - Sarnia, Ontario 24 - Kenny Iguanas - St. Thomas, Ontario December 1 - The Hard Oiler - Petrolia, Ontario 13 - Good Time Charlie's - Woodstock, Ontario 22 - Norman Jean's - London, Ontario (Annual X-Mas Bash) Bobnoxious' latest album, Cocktales, is now available via The tracklist is as follows: 'All Night Long' 'She Said' 'Decision' 'On My Own' 'One Last Time' 'Don't' 'A Lesson' 'Cease To Be' 'Proven Them Wrong' 'Let It Go' 'Sonic Roll' 'Full Moon' 'Fish' 'Do What You Want To' 'Long Night'

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