BON JOVI - New Single 'Army Of One' Chosen As Theme For Discovery's Nature Series North America

March 25, 2013, 4 years ago

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BON JOVI's big adventure continues through a new team-up with the Discovery Channel. The veteran rock group’s new single, 'Army Of One', is to feature as the theme song for Discovery’s upcoming nature series, North America - described by its creators at a landmark show that captures life colliding “with hostile, untamed wilderness in the most diverse, deadly environment on Earth."

The new song “captures the daring, wild spirit of Discovery’s upcoming landmark television event that presents our homeland as an extreme world all within one continent,” comments Eileen O'Neill, Group President of Discovery Channel and TLC, in a statement.


Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi was a guest on Katie Couric's new daytime show, Katie, on March 15th. Check out the complete interview below, which features Jon discussing a variety of subjects including the longevity of his career and his marriage, Hurricane Sandy, politics, and his daughter's recent drug overdose:

According to an interview with Gary Graff from Billboard, Bon Jovi's new album What About Now? marks a musical "evolution" for the band, but not to the point that might be off-putting to group's worldwide legion of fans.

Richie Sambora tells Billboard that, "Jon (Bon Jovi) and I, when we get together it sounds like Bon Jovi. It sounds like us. That's basically the way it is and what comes out comes out."

But for What About Now?, he says the band and co-producer John Shanks focused on dynamics, and "just basically pushing the production a bit more or lessening the production so you're a bit more naked. It goes both ways on this particular record. We've stripped it down, taken some away and added some different elements."

Meanwhile, Sambora says the album's first single, 'Because We Can', which dropped January 7th, is indicative of the album's upbeat tone to the album. "The lyrics are very positive - obviously 'Because We Can,' 'What About Now?,' it's all empowering and that's what we were trying to get to. We were trying to get some positive lyrics. That's kind of where we landed."

Read more at Billboard.

Bon Jovi's live itinerary can be found at this location.

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