BRUTAL TRUTH - Untitled Documentary Set To Film At Manitoba Metal Fest 2010

March 12, 2010, 9 years ago

hot flashes news brutal truth has received the following press release:

Filmmaker David Hall and the reformed BRUTAL TRUTH have joined forces as Hall’s production company, Handshake Inc. heads to Winnipeg to document the band’s performance at the 2010 Manitoba Metal Fest.

Hall explains that his intent is, “to provide fans and film lovers a glimpse behind the curtain of one of underground music’s most relevant and enigmatic bands.” The documentary will trace how fans respond to and value the music of Brutal Truth but also explore the persona of Brutal Truth in an honest manner; applying the tenants of the underground to all aspects of the filmmaking.

The notoriously private Brutal Truth will be quietly filmed as Handshake Inc.’s small crew expand upon the aesthetics of Hall’s newly coined term, ‘grind verite’ – a DIY, gonzo-esque approach to filming and creating art that embraces all the technical merits of professional filmmaking, yet eschews the attitudes and common practices of typical Hollywood and budget-driven films.

The very much grassroots Manitoba Metalfest is Winnipeg’s annual gathering that showcases the best in Canadian metal – originated as a chance for some of Manitoba’s metal bands to play for a larger audience and receive more exposure. Eight years later the fest has gained a reputation in Western Canada along with an increase in both the size of the audience and calibre of bands, with grind pioneers Brutal Truth playing on Canadian soil at this year’s fest.

Hall’s Brutal Truth documentary will follow that of Maryland Deathfest the Movie, along with feature films, Axis of Eden: The Movie; a film based on Today is the Day’s Axis of Eden album, and Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie; a feature both written and directed by Hall that was inspired by FUCK THE FACTS' latest album, Disgorge Mexico. Hall is currently in pre-production for a follow-up documentary entitled Maryland Deathfest the Movie: The Sequel.

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