BUCKCHERRY Frontman Josh Todd - "We've Had To Slay A Lot Of Dragons In Our Professional Life"

March 9, 2013, 4 years ago

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BUCKCHERRY frontman Josh Todd recently spoke with Jeb Wright at Classic Rock Revisited about the band's new album, Confessions. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Jeb: You’ve had some life experience with The Seven Deadly Sins, so I would guess you drew on your past for some of the lyrical ideas on this album.

Josh: "Oh, absolutely, it’s a very personal record for me. 'Sloth' is about the most slothful act that anyone can do, which is to commit suicide. That song is actually about the day my dad died. It was a very hard song for me to get through. I wanted to be honest and I thought it was time for that. I’ve really grown up since then and evolved and done a lot of work on myself. I was ready to tell the story and to tell the story in a cool way. There is a lot of uplifting stuff on the record, but that one tells the story of that day.

All of the other songs revolve around struggling with moderation in every aspect of your life. That is something that has been my struggle my entire life, as well as being a struggle for a lot of the guys in this band. I think that is why it was a fun subject to tackle. It was really very challenging as well. We really wanted to make our mark on this subject and I feel it is a very career defining moment for us that shows what we are capable of. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from it and that is where the payoff is."

Jeb: Buckcherry nods to their influences but you still are very unique. I think it is rare this day and age that you are able to have success with your own sound. Most bands today sound like other bands that are out today.

Josh: "That is a testament to us sticking to our guns. I can’t tell you how many outside forces have tried to change us and make us fit some kind of radio format, or some kind of mold. It has been hard to stick to our guns and we’ve had to slay a lot of dragons in our professional life, concerning record companies and managers and all of that kind of stuff. It has been really, really, really tough to get through. The great thing about Buckcherry is that when we’re facing adversity, that is when the band is at its best—it really is. When that happens we come together and we shine."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

On February 19th, Buckcherry performed a special acoustic set for Tampa Bay, FL radio station 98 Rock at The RP Funding Performance Theater.

In the footage below, the band perform their Confessions album track, 'The Truth'. More footage can be found at this location.

On March 6th, Buckcherry took part in a live interview on the KLOS 95.5 FM program The Heidi & Frank Show in Los Angeles, CA. Check it out below:

Buckcherry’s latest album, Confessions, was released on February 19th via Century Media Records and sold 18,000 copies in its first week landing at No. 20 on The Billboard Chart.

The Confessions album cover (pictured below) features a very ornate looking book with two clasps to hold it shut. Singer Josh Todd told BraveWords recently, “It’s an old, old bible that we found online actually; we just kind of recreated it. The actual cover (pictured below) is on the inside of that. We had this guy Ewok, who’s a really well-known, graffiti-type artist from New York, who’s never done a rock band before, and he did drawings for all the sins as well as the cover; it’s really good.”

Speaking of sin, Confessions is a thematic record about The Seven Deadly Sins, but not really a pure concept album. “No, it’s still a rock ‘n roll record, it’s still a Buckcherry record. We always wanted to do a record around the sins, a few other bands have done their take on it and we just wanted to do our take on it. As a lyric writer, it was really challenging, fun, and a lot of hard work. I’m so proud of songs like ‘Pride’ and ‘Greed’, and ‘Gluttony’ of course. I just felt like, when I look back at all this, I’m going to be pleased.”

Read the entire interview at BraveWords.

Confessions tracklisting:



'Nothing Left But Tears'

'The Truth'



'Seven Ways To Die'






'Dreamin' Of You'

For more info visit Buckcherry.com. Check out the video for ‘Gluttony’ below:

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