BW&BK Exclusive: DORO - "People Find Something In WARLOCK Because That Was A Great Time For Metal"

January 2, 2009, 11 years ago

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BW&BK; scribe Carl Begai recently spoke with vocalist Doro Pesch about her new album, Fear No Evil, and her 25 year career, which began in the early '80s with German metal legends WARLOCK. Following is an excerpt from the interview, with Doro commenting on Warlock's enduring legacy and the perpetual requests from longtime fans for a full blown reunion.

"I get the question about a reunion all the time, but I never intended to have a solo career," states Doro. "I was always a team player and I never wanted to do something alone. That’s why Nick Douglas (bass), Joe (Taylor/guitars) and Johnny (Dee/drums) have been with me for over 15 years. Nick and me have been working together for 19 years. It was heartbreaking when we couldn’t perform under the Warlock name (due to legal iussues). But now I have the name back and I’m allowed to use it, which is good, but… I guess people find something in Warlock because that was a great time for metal. Metal was so big, it was like there was something in the air. It’s hard to compare with this day and age, and it’s hard to recreate the whole thing that was Warlock."

Having the option to use the Warlock name again is a huge victory, but has there been any thought given to actually doing so? Or is it a dead issue for you after all this time?

“That’s a good question, but we’ve been doing this for so long as the Doro band that I can’t see us doing that. I love to play all those old Warlock tunes, so I often feel that it’s one and the same. And there are a lot of people who only know me or know me better as Doro rather than the singer of Warlock. For some of them the Calling The Wild record was their first exposure to my music, and that was in 2000. The fans that grew up with us maybe the Warlock stuff is more important, and for the newer fans it’s just a historic thing."

Watch for the full story in BW&BK; #114.

As previously reported, Doro will release her new album, Fear No Evil, on January 23rd via AFM Records.

(Photo by Mark Gromen)

Warlock - 'Hellbound' (live - 1985)

Warlock - 'Time To Die' (live-1985)

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