BW&BK Exclusive: FRAZE GANG - "Pass The Beer...We Came To Rock!"

March 27, 2008, 6 years ago

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BW&BK recently caught up with ex-BRIGHTON ROCK guitarist Greg Fraser to discuss his new band's FRAZE GANG's journey from bassist Stevie Skreebs' (ex-Brighton Rock) basement to the public eye and securing an international record deal. The following is an excerpt from the interview. Fraser admits to being surprised by how word of Fraze Gang’s existence has spread since the independent release of the band's debut. The internet is great for advertisement, but getting attention and having people stick around are two different things. “It’s exciting, because we’re starting to see a payoff. We started from nothing sitting in Skreebs’ basement drinking beer and jamming, and now there are people around the world that know who we are. It’s better than I expected in a lot of ways because we had nobody promoting us. Fraze Gang literally was a word-of-mouth type of thing. That aspect of it blows me away. We’re getting emails from Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, and I’m wondering how the hell these countries know about us (laughs). It’s crazy. The sales aren’t Brighton Rock numbers, but then again this has been totally on our own. Now it’s just strictly wait-and-see. Realistically we don’t expect to sell millions or hundreds of thousands because those days are gone. I mean, Herbie Hancock won a Grammy Award for selling 25,000 records. These days selling a million records is the equivalent of what 10 million used to be. We’ve been in this business long enough, so the way we look at it is if you’re in it to make money you might as well forget it. You’re going to be so disappointed because there are just so many ways that the money get taken away from you. It’s ridiculous. But, if you love music that’s what it should be all about, and that’s what we’re all about.” Go to this location for the complete story.

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