Celebrate The Summer Of Sickness With Abyss Records; CORROSIVE CARCASS, FETUS STENCH Tracks Streaming At BraveWords.com

August 10, 2012, 3 years ago

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Abyss Records is in the midst of its Summer Of Sickness Campaign 2012. The label is unleashing six releases over the six weeks from HUMANGLED, FETUS STENCH, RADIATION SICKNESS, CORROSIVE CARCASS, SOUTHWICKED and ROCKING CORPSES.

BraveWords.com is taking part in the Summer Of Sickness Campaign and will be streaming tracks from each release on the KnuckleTracks Online Audio Player (top-left of BraveWords.com). Check out Corrosive Carcass' 'Twist Of A Knife' and Fetus Stench's 'Brennkommando' here.

Loyal to the beastly sounds pioneered by their legendary countrymen in DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED, Swedish death metal act Corrosive Carcass delivers raw and aggressive old-school death on their debut Composition Of Flesh.

For more details visit Officialabyssrecords.com.

Check out Corrosive Carcass on Facebook.

Swedish death metal act Fetus Stench recently released Stillbirth on Abyss Records. Featuring members of BLOOD RED THRONE, SLAUGHTEROUS and THE LAW, Fetus Stench is a violent and rising force in the Swedish death metal scene.

For more details visit Officialabyssrecords.com.

Check out Fetus Stench on Facebook.

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