COVERDALE/PAGE - Special Edition On The Horizon?

February 14, 2010, 10 years ago

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In 1993, WHITESNAKE vocalist David Coverdale and LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page joined forces under the moniker COVERDALE/PAGE and released a self-titled album.

Although there are no plans for the pair to record any new material or reunite for any shows, Coverdale reveals that "EMI have recently been making overtures to me about putting a 'special edition' together after they heard there were several unreleased tracks... but, time & resource is the problem...

We've been archiving lots of tapes, cassettes & videos at home recently & we have discovered a ton of the demos Jimmy & I made which could be very interesting for some people to hear...

We also filmed a lot of our writing & recording sessions... so, I feel we could put a terrific 'special' together that would be a treat to have... but, in reality, JP & I have never discussed re-issuing, or making another CP album... There is always the possibility of something happening... I just can't see it in the forseeable future as I am busy with 'all things Whitesnake'...

Personally, I am thrilled I had the opportunity to work with one of my musical heroes... & to maintain a healthy, loving friendship with him...

At times, I feel some people don't understand that Whitesnake is my passion... I don't really look beyond what is possible outside... It's a very broad canvas for me to paint on... no boundaries... no restrictions... Oh... & I'm my own boss... Not too shabby..."

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