DAILY THOMPSON Release 'Attract Me' Video

November 10, 2013, 3 years ago

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German rock band DAILY THOMPSON have released the official video for the song 'Attract Me' below:

The band will go into studio in the next weeks and record their first full length after the huge success of their three track demo, featuring their version of “superfuzzy heavyrock.” The debut album will be available in 2014 via Bilocation Records

A press release describes the band: “The three sound visionaries of Daily Thompson mix their personal influences from early grunge and best stoner rock combined with their special groove to a massive overridden, extremely fudgy superfuzz-bigmuff!

Out of this mentality, musical playfulness and the associated enthusiasm for absolute lunacy the band Daily Thompson was formed in late 2012. The listeners can hear from the live in the studio recording sessions the usual fuzz, wah-wah and distortion attacks of Daily Thompson in such a raw and honest manner that everybody will notice: this band from Dortmund,Germany takes no prisoners.”

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