DARZAMAT Singer Comments On Upcoming Album

September 13, 2008, 11 years ago

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Poland's DARZAMAT are currently working on their forthcoming concept album, Solfernus' Path, due out later this year. Female vocalist Nera comments on the process:

"This is the first concept album in Darzamat's history. The story contained in the album takes place in an indeed mystical decor which is created by the mansion of Countess Josephine von Kuchmeister. The inspiration for the very mansion was derived from situated in Gliwice Willa Caro as well as from the Palaces in P?awniowice and ?wierklaniec. The action of Solfernus' Path takes place at the beginning of XXth century. We are coming back with the new album after the almost two-year break and therefore we are very excited about the fact new material will soon be brought to our fans. The concept album is a certain kind of novelty for us, however, we've been nursing the idea of doing it for a long time. This is a coherent story being told by the lyrics and the music. The band is also after the photo shoot, which was taken in the beautiful park in ?wierklaniec, in Silesia. The Palace in ?wierklaniec in an excellent manner mirrors the character and the climate of this story. It's the extraordinary place which enchanted us at first sight! There were a few sets that constituted our photo shoot and each of them has a different character and its unique charm.

Next to the Darzamat's members in the photo shoot took part also the 1934 BMW. It's an amazing idea, which added the flavour to these pictures. The effect is truly superb. We felt as if we were taking part in a video-clip making. There was a pretty big technical crew engaged in this undertaking and the photo shoot lasted nearly....10 hours!!!! The worst part of it was that we had to be on place at 3.30 a.m.... The photographer had the concept that he would manage to 'seize' the excellent sky before the sunrise. It appeared a bit nonsensical to us but when we saw the results, we understood what he had on mind."

Solfernus' Path will contain the following songs: 'False Sleepwalker', 'Vote for Heresy', 'Final Conjuration', 'Pain Collector', 'Gloria Inferni', 'Solfernus' Path', 'Lunar Silhouette', 'King of Burning Anthems', 'Chimera', 'A Mesmeric Seance'.

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