DEATH MECHANISM - New Album Details Revealed; Track Streaming

June 29, 2013, 4 years ago

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Verona, Italy-based thrash metallers DEATH MECHANISM will release their third full-length called Twenty-First Century via Scarlet Records on July 30th.

Twenty-First Century tracklisting:

'Monitored Procreation'

'Earthly Immortality'

'Human Limits'

'Evolutive Deviation'

'Tipping In Front'

'Obsolete Cults'

'Hidden Legacy'

'Centuries Of Lies'


'Collapse 2000 A.D.'

Check out the lead-off track below:

The band features singer/guitarist Pozza and drummer Manu from BULLDOZER. After getting excellent response from both critics and metal fans with their debut album, Human Error Global Terror, and having shared the stage with countless acts such as Bulldozer, SADUS, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, TANKARD, IMPALED NAZARENE and many more, Death Mechanism are ready to come back with an explosive new album, deeply rooted in '80s thrash metal and bands such as Sadus, CORONER, SLAYER and KREATOR, but which also denotes a strong personality and visionary lyrics dealing with every day life and social issues.

Twenty-First Century was produced by Tommy Vetterli of Coroner/69 CHAMBERS fame, who also plays a guitar solo on the track ‘Collapse 2000 A.D.’.

More on Death Mechanism at this location.

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