DEW-SCENTED Stream 'Guided By The Dead Light' Track

May 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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DEW-SCENTED celebrates 20 years of deadly thrash metal with their anniversary release, Insurgent, due May 28th via Prosthetic Records in North America and available now for pre-order. Insurgent features a mix of new originals, live tracks and rare covers - 19 songs and 76 minutes in all.

The cover art for Insurgent was completed by Björn Gooßes (

The complete tracklisting is as follows:

'Confronting Entropy'

'Guided By The Dead Light'

'Sadistic Sinner' * Originally by Incubus (Brazil)

'Sworn To Obey' (Live 2012)

'Turn To Ash' (Live 2012)

'Soul Poison' (Live 2012)

'Storm Within' (Live 2012)

'Cities Of The Dead' (Live 2012)

'Never To Return' (Live 2012)

'Acts Of Rage' (Live 2012)

'In Dying Mode'

'Steady Decline' * Originally by Prong

'No Spiritual Surrender' * Originally by Inside Out

'Good Day For A Hanging' * Originally by Wasted Youth

'The Storm' * Originally by Judge

'Recall The Pain

'The Death Of Common Sense

'Slaughterhouse' * Originally by Powermad

'Superstar Destroyer' * Originally by Genocide Superstars

1-3: new songs, 2013

4-10: live songs, 2012

11-15: Recorded during the Icarus sessions, 2012

16-19: Recorded during the Invocation sessions, 2010

Listen to 'Guided By The Dead Light':

'Confronting Entropy':

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