DORO On Raise Your Fist Tour - "'Revenge' Was Especially For People Who Like Old School Metal"

May 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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German metal queen DORO is featured in a new interview with Peter Lindblad at An excerpt is available below:

Powerline: Do you think the material off Raise Your Fist was well-received?

Doro: "Yes, yeah. It was great. And you know, it was great, and I think it fit right in with all the classic songs. What is this, record No. 17? Yeah, it mixed in really good and 'Raise Your Fist...' actually it reminds me of 'All We Are' and it made people so happy, and I always asked them to show me your fists before we played the song, and oh, it was so great. So 'Raise Your Fist In The Air' was definitely one of the highlights. And 'Revenge' was especially for people who like old-school metal, and there was a lot of metal in that and everybody was head-banging. And one of my favorite songs, 'Hero', I sang it every night, and I dedicated it to RONNIE JAMES DIO, who I loved so much. And that was definitely one of the highlights. And then every night we played different songs off the new album. Sometimes we’d put in 'Cold Hearted Lover' and other stuff. It’s hard to choose a set list because there are so many records we try to highlight, and then every night we try to change it for those who come to see it a couple of times, so everyone gets new songs. Yeah, yeah … the new record was received very well. We were happy."

Powerline: My favorite song on the record is 'Little Headbanger'. I wanted to ask you where that song came from.

Doro: "Yeah, I wanted to write like a real old-school metal song, like something that’s good to head-bang to. And actually, I had this idea and I did it with Andreas Bruhn as well, and I said, 'Andreas, we need the real ‘80s – a no bullshit sound, not ‘90s. I want to have it ‘80s style.' Yeah, and that was the last song on the record, and then I squeezed in some little German words. But, it sounds cool, it’s great. And there are a couple of little German things, and it’s a song about a real headbanger, and actually, on the last tour, we had these t-shirts for kids, and they had 'Little Headbanger' on them. So all the people when they’re buying little t-shirts for their little girl or boy … I’ve gotten tons of pictures (sent to me) where it says, 'Our little headbanger' on them, and they’re so beautiful, and they say, 'Now they’ll be a little headbanger when they grow up.'"

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Kaaos TV conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch before her April 23 concert at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland. You can now watch the 15-minute chat below:

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