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January 1, 2014, 3 years ago

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The clinic footage below was posted by DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Mangini on his official YouTube channel:

According to an overview, "this is a slowly developing and slightly distorted sounding drum solo clip. It is the first solo of the 2013 Mike Mangini Europe Clinic Tour. This one displays the testing, improvising and executing of the beginnings of the ideas used on the whole clinic tour. It contains probably the longest groove sections of Mike's solos where many ideas were developed without changing the main feel. 15/8 is the first one. It also has some impromptu sections due to equipment malfunctions, not failures. The gear had to be set up very, very quickly and for the first time, so the helpers and Mike forgot to check somethings. Some of the unplanned adjustments are one time things only played in this solo, so that is why it is being posted."

On November 5th, Eagle Rock Entertainment released Dream Theater's Live At Luna Park on 2DVD, Blu-ray, Visual Digital Formats and a Deluxe Edition. The release has landed at #1 on the DVD charts in both the US and Canada. Watch 'Metropolis Pt. 1' from the release below:

The deluxe edition of Live At Luna Park is an 11.5” square 60 page hardback photobook containing the Blu-ray, 2 DVDs and 3 CDs presenting all the key physical formats in one release; the CDs are only available in this Deluxe Edition.

These releases boast the 160-minute main show - accompanied by a wealth of bonus material – and feature many of the band’s classic tracks including: 'Metropolis Pt. 1', 'The Silent Man', 'Pull Me Under', 'The Root Of All Evil', 'The Test That Stumped Them All', 'The Spirit Carries On', and the recent 'On The Backs Of Angels' which can be viewed below:

Dream Theater began their mammoth A Dramatic Tour Of Events world trek in July 2011 with the final leg in South America taking place in August 2012. It was here at the Luna Park Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that they decided to film the two nights that make up this DVD release.

The Live At Luna Park band line-up for this show is James LaBrie (vocals); John Petrucci (guitar); Jordan Rudess (keyboards); John Myung (bass); and Mike Mangini (drums) – this was Dream Theater’s first tour and album with their new drummer and all the tracks from that album, A Dramatic Turn Of Events, are included in either the main show or the bonus performances.

The bonus features offer live versions of six great tracks: 'These Walls', 'Build Me Up, Break Me Down', 'Caught In A Web', 'Wait For Sleep', 'Far From Heaven', and 'Pull Me Under'. Also on Live At Luna Park is a documentary, the trailer for the cinema release of the film, a “Behind The Scenes” feature and the cartoon intro that ran on big screens prior to the band taking to the stage in Buenos Aires. The Blu-ray additionally features 6 multi angle options on 'Outcry'.

Check out a video giving an inside look at the deluxe edition of Live At Luna Park below:

A Christmas message from Dream Theater states: "To our fans all over the world: It is because of all of you that A Dramatic Tour Of Events was such a success. We enjoyed playing to you all each and every night on the road!

As a special 'Thank You' we are releasing a compilation of live tracks that were not included on Live At Luna Park. With these now being available, you have a complete documentation of all the songs that were played during the tour (with the exception of cover songs). Happy Holidays, and we look forward to having you Along For The Ride in 2014."

The tracklist is as follows:

'Under A Glass Moon' (Phoenix, AZ 12/4/11)

'Forsaken' (London, UK 7/24/11)

'Peruvian Skies' (London, UK 7/24/11)

'Endless Sacrifice' (Austin, TX 10/26/11)

- Drum Solo - (Austin, TX 10/26/11)

'YtseJam' (Austin, TX 10/26/11)

'The Great Debate' (London, UK 7/24/11)

'Another Day' (Austin, TX 7/7/12)

'Through My Words/Fatal Tragedy' (Montreal, QB 10/7/11)

'To Live Forever' (Huntington, NY 7/19/12)

'Learning To Live' (Tel Aviv, Israel 7/19/11)

'The Count of Tuscany' (London, UK 7/24/11)

'As I Am' (Shibuya, Japan 4/24/12)

Live Sound Engineer: Nigel Paul (Tracks 1-3, 7, 11-13)

Mixing & Mastering: Richard Chycki

Artwork : Hugh Syme

This material included in this special Holiday 2013 release has been copied and communicated to you by or on behalf of Dream Theater / Ytse Jams Inc and is copyrighted. All music and lyrics by Dream Theater and published by Ytse Jams (ASCAP)

Download the torrent here.

Unfamilar with BitTorrent? Go to this location. Information and software for decoding FLAC files can be found here.

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