EMERALD Announce New Lineup, New Recordings

January 13, 2010, 8 years ago

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During the songwriting for their next album, vocalist/guitarist Jvo Julmy of Switzerland-based metallers EMERALD left the band due to musical differences.

Fortunately new members were found within a short time. On second guitar, Manuel Werro joind the band. He played formerly with SHROUDSHIFTER and FATHERFUCKERS (cover-band). The new vocalist will be Thomas Winkler, who also is the vocalist of Swiss melodic metal band T-RAGE.

For Emerald's upcoming fifth album, 11 songs were written and re-arranged for the new lineup. Some track titles include: 'The Last Legion', 'Mutiny', 'The Secret Agenda', 'Mark Of The Beast', 'Who's Your God' and 'Witches Tower'.

The recordings are planned for summer 2010. Further updates to follow.

More on Emerald at this location.

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