ENSOPH - Two Separate Projects Underway

April 14, 2005, 13 years ago

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Cruz Del Sur Music report that ENSOPH is working hard both on their The Hourglass Ordalia project and a new album to be released by the beginning of 2006.

The two projects are two completely separate things.

The Hourglass Ordalia is considered to be a very special chapter in Ensoph’s career, a limited edition (777 copies only) in a Super Jewel Box format.

This album is the result of the collaboration between Ensoph and some very important acts of the Italian industrial movement. Featured is the last song ever recorded by VOID OF SILENCE plus other material from WERTHAM/TORESTA DI FERRO, AIN SOPH, AIT!, CANAAN, THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, ARGINE and BAD SECTOR.

On the other hand the new album is going to be more traditional Ensoph, although the word “tradition” does not exactly apply to this band.

Ensoph will start recording the new album in June at the HeartBeat studio, while mixing will be done at Outer Sound studio, run by Giuseppe Orlando of NOVEMBRE.

The new album will likely be called Project X-kàton. Steve Sylvester, from the cult Italian horror metal band DEATH SS, will collaborate with the band on an unspecified cover track. The vocalist will likely contribute to the album in other ways also.

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