EPICA Vocalist Simone Simons - "The MRSA Is Almost Out Of My System"

April 3, 2008, 11 years ago

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EPICA vocalist Simone Simons has issued the following update:

"Hello to all of you,

One of the four tests was positive and we all decided that we shouldn’t take any risks regarding my health and that Amanda (Somerville) should replace me.

It is already a big improvement that only one of the test results is still positive, this means that the MRSA is almost out of my system!

Amanda Somerville, a great friend and member of the Epica team will replace me for the American tour with SYMPHONY X.

We chose Amanda because she is already familiar to the Epica fans. You can hear her on all our albums, singing backing vocals, on 'Seif al Din' and the' Obsessive Devotion' you can hear her speak, she is singing in the Epica choir and she was my vocal coach for all the albums.

We are happy that she is willing to fill in for me since she is already part of the band in a way.

Amanda has a great voice and a wonderful presence. I am sure you will love her long blond hair.

She will do a good job and I wish her and Epica good luck for this tour.

I will rest a bit more in the mean time and will come back soon with full force!

Love ya all, Simone."

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