FEAR FACTORY - 'Fear Campaign' Video Available

February 2, 2010, 10 years ago

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The first video from FEAR FACTORY's forthcoming album Mechanize premiered today at Roxwel.com. The 'Fear Campaign' video was directed by the team of Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci for Boston-based, Emmy nominated Killswitch Productions. The clip was filmed in Los Angeles with additional photographic elements and all post production completed in Boston.

Check it out below.

As previously reported, Mechanize is available for streaming in it's entirety at this location.

Nuclear Blast Records' Online Shop are accepting pre-orders for a special Tool Box version of Mechanize.

The box will be available on February 19th. A description reads: "The box will be a Tool Box incl. the Digipak CD, carpenter pencil, hammer, screwdriver, calliper, folding rule, measuring tape, patch (12 x 5cm), poster DIN A2 (folded to A4), certificate with serial number and sticker DIN A5!"

Fear Factory's Mechanize is the first album to feature the lineup of vocalist Burton C. Bell, returning guitarist Dino Cazares, bassist Byron Stroud and veteran drummer Gene Hoglan. It also welcomes back keyboardist/producer Rhys Fulber (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY).

BraveWords.com has reviewed the record at this location - "Prepare to be blown away!" says scribe Aaron Small.

Mechanize is due in stores in North America on February 9th via Candlelight and February 5th in Europe via AFM and contains the following ten songs:


'Industrial Discipline'

'Fear Campaign'




'Controlled Demolition'

'Designing The Enemy'

'Metallic Division'

'Final Exit'

A press release on the album reads as follows:

Mechanize bridges the musical gap between between 1995’s groundbreaking Demanufacture and 1998’s more texturally nuanced Obsolete. While the album is instantly reminiscent of Fear Factory’s most potent moments of discovery, it’s hardly a stroll down the old assembly line. Through a combination of technological advancements and experience, Fear Factory have evolved like a computer virus, constantly reconfiguring itself to maximize its destructive impact.

In the six years that have passed since Fear Factory originally splintered, lots of transformation has taken place. Bell has formed the gothic rock band ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS and recently formed the new band CITY OF FIRE (also featuring Stroud with Terry Murray and Bob Wagner of SHOCORE) while Cazares has put out two DIVINE HERESY discs and toured extensively. Stroud and Hoglan have recorded and toured with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, ZIMMERS HOLE and DETHKLOK. For Bell, the myriad of projects have only provided creative ideas and inspiration for Fear Factory.

He notes, “in this day and age you gotta keep busy. You can’t just rely on one band; something we’ve all learned from time and years of experience. Not only is it good to support yourself, but it also keeps you going creatively.”

“This is definitely a different chapter for us and I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done,” Cazares adds. “Obviously, Burton and I have grown up and we’ve pretty much perfected what we do. More importantly we’ve discovered why we so were good together in the first place. Our combination just works. All the ingredients and the elements that we had in the past, combined with what we’ve learned since being apart feels like putting on a new glove that still feels as good as an old glove.”

Fear Factory - Fear Campaign
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